Rare Ww2 Knife Lot Mk2 Usmc Utica Ka-Bar Camillus Pal USN EGW M4 Fighting Knife

Hi up for sale is a very rare lot of U.S. ww2 military fighting knives these ar in used condition some are worse than others these have been used in real combat and show it rust/pitting, overall dark patina, modified/repaired handles tape/string etc, sharpening marks, knicks scratches dings please examine the photos closely for the best idea and condition thanks for looking at my auction have a great day.

In this lot is (1) rare ww2 1 generation/style stacked leather handle m4 m1 carbine bayo converted into a m3 style fighting knife has original U.S. M8 BM CO scabbard the scabbard is in decent condition but the tip is broke off the blade does not come out still very functional the knife has some sloppy grinder marks/sharpening marks the tip of the knife is slightly rounded from use but The knife is very solid overall I cannot find a makers Mark on this item.

(1) rare ww2 EGW knife in rough shape shows a lot of rust pitting/patina sharpening marks and appears to have repaired swivel on the butt of the knife the stacked leather handle has quite a bit of dings/scratches this knife has definitely seen some used in war war two.

(1) rare ww2 RH-35 PAL USN MARK 1 knife with Green cord wrapped handle knife shows normal wear form ww2 sharpening Mark overall patina slight Knicks in edge the pommel has very slight movement
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