WW2 Medic Helmet Saving Private Ryan 2nd Rangers

This item up for bids is a neat piece. Its an original M-1 Rear Seam Swivel Bail helmet which has been painted to represent the WW2 2nd Rangers. I believe this one was painted to duplicate the same group as in the movie Saving Private Ryan, the 2nd Rangers. This helmet is a really nice piece. I bought the helmet with out a liner right on e-bay. I put a liner in it and the leather chin strap to make it look a little more original. The liner however is not WW2 vintage. This is why I took some close up to show this is a later vintage liner. The leather chin strap is connected to the head band clips.

The piece is a very unique and special looking piece however. The emblems have been aged just enough to give it that neat look and appeal. The helmet itself is an original piece and someone did an excelent job painting it. Just a very clean, representation of the US Ww2 Medic Helmet. This looks awesome on the display head. Check out the photos I think you will agree. Nothing but sweet. The helmet will make a very nice addition to any W2 collection or display. It has that GI Combat look to it that just drives your eye to look at it. Its a very neat piece and will be a super conversation piece no doubt. Enjoy and thank for browsing our items.