5 WW2 Original Russian Manufacture Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Steel Stripper Clips

We have 5 original and in new un-issued condition Russian WW2 manufactured Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Steel Stripper Clips that have stamped in the metal an arrow inside of a triangle. Do not confuse our original Russian 5 round stripper clips with the very common Chinese that everyone has for sale. Original Russian stripper clips are almost impossible to find and their quality shows in how well they work. Without a doubt the best stripper clips every made for the Mosin Nagant Rifles. Buyer is to pay for the actual shipping charges WITH NO HANDLING FEES!!!!!!!! The cost of shipping this item will be $4.15 (within the United States). We offer a 40% discount on the shipping costs of multiple sales for domestic delivery from any of our items that we sell on E-bay.. Upon E-bay notification of the winning auction please complete payment though PayPal for immediate shipping . By seeing your feedback left for us that will indicate your item arrived safely and in good condition plus that you were 100% satisfied with our transaction. Feedback will be left on all auctions. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK.