This collection has been produced to honour two very gallant 1st Special Air Service Regiment officers and consists of a 9"x6" print featuring Lt Col Paddy Mayne, DSO***, and Major Ian Fenwick at the wheel of an armed jeep prior to the D-Day Normany landings. During the Spring of 1944 Ian Fenwick, who was a prewar cartoonist and became the Intelligence Office of the Somerset Auxilliary Unit (Britain's Resistance Force) drew many character cartoons. One of which is reproduced in the collection as a folder with plenty of history notes about Ian and Paddy. This cartoon is of Paddy Mayne and the original cartoon was personally autographed by him. Ian Fenwick was killed in action charging a German machine gun position in his armed jeep in France. The third item is a personally signed PPA(Popskis Private Army Fighting Jeep manned by Popski) print by Major John Campbell, MC, (Skipper of S Patrol) . .Plus 9x6 portrait print of SAS Paddy Mayne to complete the collection. "view sellers other items" for more great collectables. UK post $3.00. International $5.00