a very nice pair of original World War Two US army Snow Shoes.

This is a great find -- RARE G.I. US ARMY ISSUE SNOW SHOES - - almost perfect shape.

They are nice and useable -- .

MILITARY ' bear paw ' style ,...

as used by the u.s.armys tenth mountain division -- and other units --during maneuvers in deep snow ----.

the size , about 28 inches x 13 inches------- the size , about 28 inches x 13 inches -------

wooden frames with stretched HAND LACED rawhide --- complete with the original leather & metal bindings --

.Both shoes match , and are marked with the date 1945 ,.....and U.S. C.A. LUND & CO. HASTINGS MINN .

both shoes have good bindings ,... and the straps ,.......a metal hinge like apparatus allows the wearer to lift their heels like the binding of cross country skis -.

--- the raw hide is in excellent condition ,...... they look barley used ,.... .

the back securing buckles are intact ! {unlike most of the sets i have seen }

This same identical model of snow shoe were used in the winter of 1944 - 45 at the battle of The Bulge. ---------------------


in fact this pair was found in Germany, and shipped back to the u.s.a. , about 15 years

I recall an old war story ,...... told by a u.s. solider, who was captured at the battle of the bulge ---- involving his pair of G.I. ISSUE snow shoes ------ it was a desperate act , in the germans last major western battle plan ........... the Germans thought they would push the allies in to the sea ,...and re create the fiasco at Dunkirk ,.. ....all started out well for them, ... the weather was on their side --- a major winter storm erupted as they surprised the Americans, with a blitz attack, just before Christmas, of 1944 a solider named L.T.Urias and his squad ,... from the 106th Division were given orders to capture some German soldiers and interrogate them. Mr. Urias said, âeoeWe went behind their lines but were stopped by machine gun power. Instead of capturing them ,..............they got us ! " -----------.

Mr. Urias clearly remembered the moment he was taken captive by the Germans. âeoeThey were wearing white capes that blended in with the snow. We couldn't tell w they were,âe he said. He and his men were forced to surrender. ------------------------ âeoeThey took our rifles and stuffâe"some rings and watches ...................................and even our snow shoes âe ..................................................... âeoeThey took us to a castle about 4-5 miles from the front lines, We were half scared.âe The germans spent both day and night for over two weeks interrogating the American troops. Lack of response meant maltreatment. . He recalled , âeoeThey didnâe(tm)t hardly feed us anything at all, maybe a slice of bread and sometimes muddy soup. At first I didnâe(tm)t much like it, but after about the 3rd day, I started sipping on it.âe . .

but enough of the war stories --- own a piece of history ---


good luck bidders ! ,

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