WW2 US Army 160th Infantry Regiment Screwback Crest DI

This is a vintage, 1930's to WW2, SCREWBACK DI with a weird hallmark "CAAHAMLA." This prewar to World War Two US Army 160th Infantry Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia is just the single crest, a screw-back, shield/crest for the 160th Infantry Regiment, made by what looks like "CAAHAMLA" on the upper pack in a tiny hallmark. This is a vintage, real, used, worn, screwback crest...but it is also rare and from an AWESOME unit! The 160 th regiment had the motto "HABEANT" meaning STRIKE! They were in the Span-Am (Spanish American) war in 1898, but they they were also with the 40th Infantry Divison, California National Guard! In WORLD WAR ONE they were in the AEF, overseas, and fought at Saint Michael and the Meuse Argonne in WWI! They had SOME men with the 307th infantry - remember the lost battalion? Well, some of them MADE IT! the 160th was T! They were back with the California NG in the 1920's and 1930's, and then in WWII they got federalized again! Inducted in to the US Army with the 40th ID! Also, other units in the 40th were the 108 and 185th Infantry Regiments, the 40th ID divisional Artillery had the HQ Battery and the 143rd and 164th and 213th and 222nd Field Artillery Battalions, and the cav with the 40th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized, their combat engineers with the 115th Engineer Combat Battalion and their medics

Please ask any questions before you bid. I want you to be happy with this, but I need the room so all sales are final. Insurance is at the buyer's discretion and the buyer takes the risk.

Thank you to our armed forces, and our veterans, for keeping us free.

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