WW2 US Army Air Force Pilots 50 Mission Crusher Cap

This item up for bids is a very rare and unique set. I have had these items in my collection for 15 years and Im making them available for your collection. This set is a very impressive set when you display them together. Each item lends authentic to the other. They are all Authentic and Original WW2 pieces Guaranteed, and some of the very equipment used in Europe by the pilots who flew the missions across the channel to fight the enemy.

The first item in the lot is a very rare piece and you serious collectors out t will know it right up front. Its a WW2 US AAF 50 Mission Crusher Cap, The ( Lewis Fly Weighter ) brand. One of the most respected brands of any Pilots Caps ever worn. The Lewis was one of the first Crusher Caps worn by the early pilots. They are soft, well made, and an icon amoung the pilots. This one is a Chocolate Brown , very well aged, gaberdine top with years of history in it. Its labeled on the interior ( Lewis ) with the faded but recognizable emblem of the Lewis Co. It is also stamped in the leather head band with the Fly-Weighter Wings, and name.This one is size 7 1/4. You will see many crusher caps go by on the e-bay, but very few Lewis Fly -Weighter caps.

This one is in good condition but very well worn and aged. The perfect completed 50 mission look. It is not plagued with moth holes, or tears
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