WW2 US Army Field Artillery Officer Collar Brass AE CO.

This is a vintage pair of rare 1930's to World War Two US Army 'crossed cannons' FIELD ARTILLERY officer's collar pins/ collar brass. These are the 1930's to WW2 heavy brass, in clutchback, and these are used. They have a rare and early (pre-war,maybe!) hallmark on the back: "A.E. CO. UTICA N.Y."

These are the officer pins for the dress uniforms! These are real, vintage, old, prewar or WORLD WAR TWO FIELD ARTY PINS! The commissioned officers/ soldiers wore these insignia on their dress (class "A") uniform jackets during WWII. The artillery officer wore the branch of service pins and the "U.S." pins. They might have some age and some wear, but are in GOOD CONDITION! They are ready to use and wear, or to display, right now. They are the pins/badges/BOS/insignia that the Field Arty Officers wore in the 1930's to WW2. These gold color US ARMY INFANTRY pins would be proudly worn on the ike jacket, or the army service coat tunic or jacket. They would really spice up a uniform.

ALL field artillery officers in WW2 Wore these on their dress uniforms / ike jackets / tunics! All the field arty / FA men in the infantry divisions and airborne divisions! They wore these kind of crossed cannon pins! These would go GREAT with the US Army WW11 Field Artillery Distinctive Unit Insignia I have for sale in my other auctions, like the
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