WW2 US Army Infantry Officer collar brass Insignia WWII

This is a pair of nice, vintage, 1930's to WW2, ARMY OFFICER INFANTRY BRASS!

These are World War Two US Army Corps of INFANTRY commissioned officer collar devices. These vintage WWII clutch-pin-backs are from maybe 1940 to 1945. These collar pins are the typical WWII clutchback collar brass which were typical from 1940 -1945. THESE ARE OLDIES! THESE vintage brass collar insignia are in good, solid shape. They have no hallmark, no marks, no pattern on the back, which was rather typcial of the war years. (And these are from way before the alpha-numeric codes of the 1950's.

These are the collar devices that officers in the infantry wore on their dress (class "A") uniform jackets, ike jacket, army service coat, etc. The US Army Officers would wear the pair of crossed rifles of infantry Branch of Service BOS discs on their uniforms, with the "US" devices above them. (I have a set of "US" pins in my other sale, take a look if interested.)

These are real and old and vintage and have honest wear, but are still in good shape. They are ready to use and wear, or to display, right now.

These WWII Army Ground Forces ("INFANTRY!") collar pins would be worn on the ike jacket, or the Army Service Jacket/ Tunic/Coat/Uniform. An Army officer would all wear these US and crossed rifles as long as their MOS was INFANTRY!
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