WW2 US Army Officer CAPTAIN bars rank insignia Pinback

This is a pair of PINBACK, WW2, vintage US Army Captain's Bars pin-back rank insignia. These are the SILVER COLORED BARS of the captain, made during WWII. These are hallmarked on the back with that NS Meyer Shield and the "SHOLD-R-FORM" ("Shoulder Form", they are curved) stamping. These are kind of cool (and rare!) because the HALLMARK IS STAMPED BACKWARDS! A nice variation! The quality control guy was probably worried about the war, so he let these get stamped BACKWARDS! Now, this is really a good thing, since you know these are early pins, these were made BEFORE the 1950's when the alpha-numeric codes started to be used, like N.S. MEYER INC using the 9M Shield, and so on. THESE ARE PINBACKS! They probably date from 1940 to 1945, but not much later! These pinbacks are not marked "STERLING" so THEY ARE NOT "STERLING SILVER!" They look great and they are vintage Pin Backs,- JUST LIKE MOST World War Two captains insignia! These are used, they do have wear and age and some tarnish and patina, but they work just fine! They would look GREAT on a uniform! (The officers wore the dress (class "A") uniform jackets during WWII and the Korean War, the ike jacket or tunic.) The US Army (and US Air Corps and US Army Air Forces) officer or pilot or navigator-captain would wear the pair of "U.S." devices (like I have for sale in another auction) ... read more