WW2 US Artillery Cannon Anti Tank Gun Fuze 75mm Shell

2 books; 1941 Gunnery, book 161( 6 x 9 x 3/4) and 1942 Field Artillery Fundamentals, book 30( 6 x 9 x 1 370 pages). 2 excellent books that cover everthing you need to know about being an artilleryman in WW2. Amazing amounts of really interesting information that is profusley illustrated with photos, drawing and diagrams. Not only is t all that good stuff on the artillery weapons and their developement and construction and maintenance but t is the ammo, the fuzes, the propellants, history of ammunition, sighting systems, air photography, mapping, conducting a shoot, ballistic properties, constructing firing positions, storing ammunition, how to lead on moving targets, spotting and adjusting fall of shot, atmospheric effects on projectiles in flight., etc etc etc. It goes on and on and it is all really good. You get stuff you wouldnt expect in an artillery book, like the different types of mines and how to emplace them. Both are in very good condition.