WW2 USMC Marine Corps Phila QM Depot Made E Tool Cover

WW2 USMC Marine Corps Phila QM Depot Made E Tool Cover
World War 2

USMC Marine Corps

Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot Made

T Handle Entrenching Tool

(Shovel) Cover

USMC QUARTERMASTER DEPOT. This e tool cover, unlike most Marine Corps shovel covers which were procured from the US Army, was made at the Philadelphia Navy Yard w the USMC Quartermaster Depot was located. This Depot, run by the Marine Corps, but staffed with civilian seamstresses, made many field gear (782) items for the Marine Corps including: leggings, M1905 16 inch M1 Garand and M 1903 Springfield Bayonet Scabbard Covers, First Aid Pouches, Knapsacks, Haversacks, Herringbone Twill (HBT) Fatigue Uniforms, Khaki Shelter Halves, etc.

Etool Cover made at the Depot did not have a US on the front, as is the case Some left with rubber stamps inside; others, like this one, had a cutter tag which was long ago removed.

HARDWARE: unique Marine Corps angled belt hanger with brass square buckle of the type found on early USMC M1910 and Model 1941 Packs.

COLOR: This cover is that nice dark golden khaki favored by the USMC QM Depot.

MATERIALS: This fabric heavy duty canvas.

CONDITION: This is a used e-tool cover with all defects shown. These are not a grimy, greasy, unserviceable cover. No
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