WW2 USMS Merchant Marine Anchor Cap Insignia Mkd NrMT

you have another anchor cap badge for the United States Merchant Marines. Vanguard made the insignia and it is in near mint conditon. Vanguard is a noted contractor for US Navy and Marine Corps Insignia. The anchor has a rope and features the emblem of the US Merchant Marines. T is a screw back post and washer on the reverse along with a prong to stabilize the insignia. The Merchant Marines suffered the highest percentage casualties of any branch of service, and most likely were second to our submarine service in percentage of lives lost. The German Submarines had a field day sinking merchant vessels within sight of our entire East Coast and Canada early in the war. As a college kid I met a merchant marine veteran who grimly laughed and told me he had two merchant ships torpedoed under him. The Merchant Marines only decades after the war were accorded veteran's status (even though most officers most likely held reserve US Navy Commissions and the seaman wore uniforms similar to our US Navy). They were paid much more than USN sailors, and this irony was not lost on the Naval Armed Guards who were the gun crews on the Merchant Vessels, and suffered greatly in the early submarine victories by Germany and Italy. The Merchant Marine Anchor emblem measures 1.75 by 1.25 inches and is in near mint condition. A padded bag and First Class ... read more