WW2 WAAC, WAC, Nurse Wool Jacket Liner/Coat 1943

WW2 WAAC, WAC, Nurse Wool Jacket Liner/Coat 1943

This is the wool jacket and pants that the Nurses and WACs were first issued before they were issued real winter clothing. This then became cozy liners for the WAC jacket.

The coat is immaculate. No moth holes, tears or rips that I can find. Even the cuffs are superb. The label in the pocket is pristine, indicating the jacket is a size 12 regular. All buttons are intact.

The pants, although in excellent condition, have been altered. Actually, I believe these pants were created by the owner. They look tailor made. They are made of the standard brown wool with the regular brown buttons. Don't know why but they were made to be worn as knickers- just coming down below the knees. They were made without cuffs on the bottom, just a slit at the end of each pant leg. I cannot figure out why she would want her winter pants to be leaving her shins open but maybe they looked cute on her. A very rare version to the standard wool jacket and pants set.

Even more unique is that the rule-measure waist size is 36! Holding them to my own waist, they are that big. I'm thinking that would equivalent to an 18 today. It buttons on the right side.

I don't see any moth holes in the pants either.

What a rare tailor made piece for your uniform set.

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