Genuine, authentic, original hand signed photograph of Waffen Elite Sturmbannfuhrer und Major der Schutzpolizei Hans Hauser.

Hauser was a highly decorated German Elite Forces tank troop commander during WW2.

Hauser originally joined the SS Standard "Deutschland" in Munich in 1934, and continued with security forces in northern Germany until 1942 when he was transferred to the Wehrmacht and became Chief of the Field Military Police in Silesia, then transferred to North Africa under the command of General Rommel in Tripoli and Bengazi. Returning in later 1942 to Elite Forces in security measures both in Poland then in the Eastern Front at Leningrad. Hauser was later promoted to Commander of Protective Police Regiment in Elite Forces 13th Panzer Division "Handshar" which fought in the East and later in the Defense of the Reich near Vienna. In 1945 Hauser became commander of a Kampfgruppe which fought Communist Russians, Partisians, and others in Warsaw and near Dresden.

Hauser was awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross for his extreme personal bravery and successful military leadership on May 6, 1945....one of the last awards made during the Third Reich!!

The black and white 4 x 6 inch postcard shows Hauser in his Elite Officers uniform wearing his Knights Cross and he has signed his name in
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