Genuine, authentic, original hand signed (5 times) photographs of Elite Waffen Panzergrenadier Sturmmann Remy Schrijnen.

Schrijnen was a highly decorated German Elite Forces soldier during WW2.

Schrijnen was a volunteer soldier in the Flemish recruits in the 4th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Brigade "Nederland" which was to full combat mode during the Battle of Narva, in which Schrijnen is credited with destroying 11 Communist Russian tanks in one day! Exhausted, unconscious and left near death, he was found by Wehrmacht soldiers and flown to Berlin to receive the Knights Cross award for his extreme personal bravery and successful military leadership in combat. One a only few Elite Forces with the rank of Private to receive this high honor during the War.

The 6 x 4 inch black, white and yellow white postcard shows 2 different photographs of Schrijnen in uniform and also the Legion Flandern insignia which he fought under. Schrijnen has signed his name twice in white ink on the photographs, and below them in has written "In honor of the volunteers" and signed again in blue ballpoint ink pen. On the reverse side he has written his combat battalion, signed his name again, his commander and named his fellow tank commander, and signed his name again, and also written "No Charge for the Foto." 5 Signatures total--obviously,
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