US ww2 wo2 Ford jeep mirror cover 1944 W.S.C.O.

Startingbids at $25.00 with no reserve!!!! A greatdeal on a rare piece of ww2 militaria. W.S.C.O.1944


For now the LAST ONE!!!!!!!!

WWII jeep, dodge, Chevrolet, GMC, and others. Canvas B/O Cover with snap closure for outside mirror.

Canvas Bag Ass’y slips over the outside rear view mirror.

For use in black out conditions to prevent reflections off of glass mirror. Reflections that would give away position to enemy spotters and planes.

Snaps on with one snap. Stores in glove box when not in use.

Used on all ww2 jeeps and other ww2 us vehicles .

Mirror Cover, B/O, canvas, snap closure, for outside mirror, MB/GPW

Smells from long storage. More available, some are used other NOS

Some are used other are NOS.