WW2 US WOOD DUMMY Navy Mk-6 Practice Dummy Cartridge 1-3''

MK-6 Navy Practice DUMMY WOOD rounds during the early 1940's. German U-Boats were sinking so many of our Merchant Ships that the Navy installed one of these guns on the front deck of each ship with a special crew to man them. These are the original wood practice rounds used in training our sailors during WW2.

Great for décor, doorstop, conversation piece, or to mantel in the man cave.

You may find other practice shells but none this unique. The beautiful turned oak is rugged yet elegant. Dated 1944, they are a true piece of artillery memorabilia. Still in original box but there has been some degradation overtime...mostly in very nice condition but will probably need some clean up if you want to polish them up.

Trench Art

Approx 35x3x3

NOTE: *heavy item-expect extra to high shipping charges to deliver.