WW2 WWII German Military Army Helmet

Sometime early in 1945, after the Battle of the Bulge, my father was assigned with some other troops to a town in France (he doesn't remember the name of the town). They were in the 1260th Combat Engineers. From what he told me, he and these other soldiers were to watch some bridge or bridges, and if t was any action, they were to radio this information to their superiors. He said the place was a mess, and he told me about seeing some crows picking out the eyes of one dead soldier. He told me he took the helmet and rifle from a soldier who'd been killed (not sure if it was the same one), and sent them home. They could do this back then. It's not allowed now. He also told me that he had dismantled a machine gun and its tripod and sent that home, too, but he never saw it again.As I grew up, we had a gun rack over our piano in the den. On it were a modern shotgun, a twin-barrel, pin-fire Belgian shotgun from around the 1890's, and an 8mm Mauser rifle. The helmet laid around, and I played with it sometimes. I was a skinny little kid, and I remember how it would make my neck and head wobble when I wore it, even though it's only about three pounds. It once had a full covering of hemp rope to put leaves and branches in for cammo, and I remember how the ropes were tied together like an old-fashioned fishing net. It also had a good lining ... read more