WWE Raw Deal Batista +Revoluton set

Batista Set Revolution Batista Batista face card promo batista face card a thousand years of anger inside this pit of danger batistas in my corner i walk alone the demon bomb the animalistic clothesline the evolved spinebuster the gaurdian powerslam the hanging tree ill chew them up and spit them out nothing ever stays the same.... the animal ------------ Andre the Giant Set Face Card we face eachother as god intended giant headbutt its not my fault.... obey ------------- team angle set team angle face card leapfrog stun gun the worlds greatest suplex greco roman specialists its all about the benjamins the haas of pain submit!@ do you live by the three is? intelligence integrity intensity -------------- Rowdy Roddy Piper Face Card bagpipe introduction pipers pit the rowdy sleeper hot rod oversell hot rod style cowbody bob orton interferes in my day... through all these years
Up for sale are pieces of my raw deal collection. These cards were used in tournament play and therefore may show some minorwear. All cards were kept in protective sleeves during use and also were kept in binder sleeves when not in use. I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE US! I will delete any bids to buyers who do not follow this rule. All items will be shipped within 2 BUSINESS DAYS of receiving payment. Any questions feel free to message me I will get back
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