WWE Raw Deal Edge/Leader Of The Edge Army Set 34 Cards

This auction is for a set of Edge/Leader of the Edge Army cards for WWE Raw Deal. All cards have been stored in card pages, and only have been played in sleeves when used.
Included Cards:
Edge Superstar Card x2
Leader of the Edge Army Superstar Card
You're a Human Vacuum Cleaner...-throwback
You're a Human Vacuum Cleaner...
Big Slide Into the Ring x3
The Edgeucation of Adam Copeland
Liaison with Lita
Edge's Running Spear x3
Downward Spiral
Edge's Spear-throwback
Edge's Spear
Edge Kick
Scream If You Want It
Never Gonna Stop Me
Million Dollar Smile
Sodas Rule
Cause I Want More
Your Brush With Greatness Is Over
Listen You Reekazoid
You're Just a Puppet
Edge and Christian Superstar Card
TLC Match
This is So Totally Unfair
For the Benefit of Those with Flash Photography
Greetings to Our Fans In...Where the Hell Are We
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