WWE World Heavyweight Championship Adult Replica Belt

WWE Offical World Heavyweight Championship adult sized 'Edge' replica belt

This belt is in great condition all the rubies are intact and their are no cracks in the leather. The belt has no scratches or marks on it at all the only issue is that the wrestlers on one of the side plates is slightly discoloured. This doesnt really take anything away from the belt it's still a beautiful replica.

Being a belt collector i have seen many replica's and the WWE Big Gold is certainly one of my favorites. The size of the belt is fantastic the leather is flexible and it has a good weight about it. I have also curved the main plate so it fits the waist better and looks more like the one on T.V.

This title is unique as it has the new 2011 Rated R Edge nameplate . Its a real shame for me to sell this championship belt but i need to pay off University Tutition fees.

More pictures of this fantastic belt can be found at /albums/uu14/toonfangrant/World%20Heavyweight%20Championship%20replica/ The pictures show the belt in more detail and the size difference between it and a kid size version.

This item has been relisted because of complications with the previous winner.