Wwf Championship Belt Winged Eagle Releathered Pro Grade Belt

What is a Pro-Grade Belt?
PRO-GRADE is a Exclusive line from AJ's Belts. Pro-Grade belts are standard normal adult size replica belts that have a custom hand made soft and floppy real leather hand tooled strap added to them. The straps are made from top of the line AAA Grade Real Leather. Its the best of the best when it comes to real leather. The Pro-Grade belts also feature a custom real leather backing to cover the screws just like the belts on TV*. These are the same quality straps we offer in our re-leathering section of the website, only here you can buy the belt and strap at the same time and SAVE!! Below is a list of all the Pro Grade belts we offer. To get the basic description of each belt please That will show you the basic details of the standard replicas before its produced into a Pro-Grade like the belts listed on this page. To receive the belt in Pro-Grade form it must be ordered using the shopping cart link below. During check out you will have the option to add accessories, pick the color of the strap and choose to upgrade the plates to Ultra Deluxe which are the 4mm thick plates.
NOTE: i bought this belt last week still brand new never used it trying to sell because i am buying an handmade raggie parks so i need to try to make almost all my money back i paid 480 but im starting bid at 300 good luck email
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