WWI US Army, M-1910 Haversack, Complete, with Meat Can

WWI / WW1 US Army, M-1910 Haversack, Field Pack, Dated 1918, Complete with Unit Marked Carrier Pack, Meat Can with Spoon and Knife. Very nice all original World War I US Army Filed Pack. 1910 Haversack is nicely manufacture stamped “L-D, Inc., 11-18". Haversack is complete with all components. Bottom Carrier Pack is Infantry Unit Marked with Crossed Rifles and unit number of "56, G" (see pictures). Carrier Pack is complete with the Leather for attaching it to the M-1910 Haversack. Haversack and Carrier are in great condition. There is a small period repair made to the back of the top flap near one of the meat can pouch straps (see picture). The repair is not visible from the outside of the Haversack. The Meat Can is dated 1918. Mess Kit Spoon and Knife are both dated 1918. All of the snaps and buckles on the M-1910 Haversack are in excellent condition and have no corrosion or damage. The WWI US Army Meat Can Pouch also has the Leather Inserts for storing the Knife and Fork. A very nice 100% original WWI US Army M-1910 Haversack.