WWI First Army 9th Aero Squadron patch

For auction, is a WWI 1st Army Aviation, 9th Aero Squadron patch.The A is composed of 18 mm. wide black silk ribbon, a hand sewn wool twill felt aviation cockade as central crossbar, machine sewn to patch. A nicely executed Ninth Aero Squadron distinctive insignia fills the lower arms of the A. The backing is green kaki wool felt.The Squadron insignia is vaulted silver thread over royal blue silk cloth and black silk velvet, with faded black silk thread details. It measures, 32 mm. in diameter. The workmanship of this portion of the insignia is mind-blowing! The detail of the little bi-wing and locomotive in profile is uniquely astounding. This patch is dusty and faded and has been removed from a garment and retrieved from a photo album. This example measures 10.5 cm. tall X 8 cm. wide. The fading and wear of this example are strikingly consistent with the patina of the silver wire for war time wear and passes all tests for originality. One cannot imagine the excitement upon finding this gem and as well the heart-sinking realization that maybe five people in fifteen years have pointed it out on my office wall!?! Its time to pass on the excitement. This insignia is 100% guaranteed to please. Thanks for looking. Good luck with your bid and good hunting.