WWI German Austrian Campaign medal 2 december 1873 Band

's a great original example of the Austrian General campaign medal. On his 25th Jubilee in December 1873 Kaiser Franz Joseph I instituted the 1873 War Medal ( 1873 Kriegsmedaille and sometimes called the General Service Medal or General Campaign Medal ). This bronze medal was initially awarded to all personnel who took part in a minimum of one action since 1848. After 1873, this medal was given to all personnel who took part in each completed campaign. The last official record of awards was in 1901 but this is currently open to further research.

Those in possession of the 1848 Tyrol Commemorative Medal, 1864 Denmark War Medal, 1866 Defence of Tyrol Medal, 1866 Prague Citizens Medal were automatically qualified. T is some disagreement as to whether or not recipients of the 1909 Annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Medal and the 1912/13 Balkan War Mobilization Cross were awarded this medal although the statutes imply that they were eligible. Eligible actions included:

1848 Campaign in Italy (Tyrol)
1848 Campaign in Hungary (Hungarian "War of Liberation")
1849 Campaign in Italy (Tyrol)
1849 Campaign in Hungary (Hungarian "War of Liberation")
1859 Campaign in Italy (Tyrol)
1864 Campaign in Schleswig and Jütland (Denmark)
1866 Campaign in Bohemia and South Germany ("Austrian-Prussian War")
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