This auction is for a guaranteed original WWI German Meerschaum pipe that is clearly marked on the bowl 5 ARMEE WEIHNACHTEN 1914 or 5 th Army Christmas 1914. 5 th Army was involved in the battles of the Ardennes and Verdun, as well as several others. More interestingly, this pipe was given to a solider for Christmas in 1914, which was year of the famous WWI Christmas truce, where Germans and British/French troops put away their hostilities for a short time and even mingled outside the trenches, often swapping gifts, such as this pipe. It is quite possible that this pipe was involved in such an event. These pipes were very popular gifts to soldiers during the First World War, and this one has a crisp clear image of Crown Prince Wilhelm on the bowl. This amazing piece is in excellent condition with no chips or damage, excellent clear detail, and complete with two different length stems. Very interesting, rare, and historical pipe that has an amazing and touching history & feel, will make a fine addition to your collection. Note: an almost identical pipe is described in Stanley Weintraub’s book, “Silent Night”.