WWI German Officer's Parade Sword W.K.&C.

WWI German officer's parade dress sword. The sword measures 38 ¼ inches long with a 32 ½ inch long blade. The blade is bright nickel- or chromium-plated with a double blood groove that ends 4 inches from the tip of the blade. T are 2 slight bends in the blade about 8 and 10 inches from the tip. Some of the plating has worn off the tip of the blade. The tang of the blade is stamped "W.K. & C." with a bearded, crowned king's head and a knight's armor helmet above. The sword has grooved black handles with simulated shark skin texture on the surface and a brass colored cord wrapped around the handle in the grooves. T is a 12 inch long black and brass colored parade cord attached to the guard. The handle is cracked in the middle about 1 ¾ inches from the guard and also near the butt cap. The handle has a dark leather finger loop at the guard, which is torn and has 50% of the patent leather finish remaining. The butt cap is turned brass, and the guard is brass with oxidized patina. The sword has a brass D-guard consisting of 3 swirled handle protectors; the end has broken off the shortest of the swirls. The sword comes in its original straight scabbard with a drag guard on the end, a belt hanger loop, and the original dark blued metal surface. Near the throat, the scabbard is stamped "5. U. 40.". T are a few small dents on the scabbard: ... read more