Late WWI Imperial German pilot/aviator's silk field cap, or mutze . Although the black velvet cap band was also worn by technical and motorized troops, the use of silk is more likely to have been an officer's private purchase item, especially by the fashion-conscious and publicly-lionized aviation services. Some of the aces in the famous Sanke cards can be seen sporting this type of headgear.

Please refer to the photos together with the following description: The silk itself is an elegant silver-grey, heavily worn and missing in spots but still retaining its sheen. The lining is of a watery-green silk, but it has lightly browned in spots overall. The visor and chinstrap are ersatz , made from pressed cardboard, and the round buttons are of black plastic or a similar material. Both the imperial and state (Prussian) cocardes are present and in good condition, made entirely of metal (no fabric centerpieces). The sweatband, surprisingly enough, is of extremely thin leather -- again indicative that this is not an enlisted man's cap.

One of my favorite items that I am forced to sell, alas, but my loss can be your gain!

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