WWI Maps Argonne Forest Trenches / Buzancy France

WWI Maps Argonne Forest Trenches / Buzancy France

Two joined maps: Buzancy to north, unsure of the name of the southern map, but it contains the Argonne Forest. This southern map shows trenches, as of September 19, 1918.

29 x 74 inches (combined)

This lot is part of a grouping associated with Lieutenant Ernest Howald, a U.S. Army Interpreter assigned to Headquarters, 28 th Division, with service in the United States, France, and Germany, ca. 1918-1919. He was passed by the examining board as a First Lieutenant in the Corps of Interpreters December 13, 1917, according to a document signed by the Chief of the Military Intelligence Section of the War Department.

In 1907, Howald and his family emigrated to the United States from Switzerland. He settled in Edna, Texas and acquired full American citizenship. While in Switzerland, (Ernst) Howald was employed by the Concordia Institute in Zurich, w he taught German, Latin, history, geography, and science. He was also an officer (Lieutenant-Captain) in the Swiss Army (ca. 1899-1906), w he was assigned to the 40 th Infantry Battalion.

The entire grouping consists of a trunk full of documents, photographs, and insignia related to various events in Lt. Howald's life. These include Swiss military and education documents; Swiss Army Captain shoulder boards
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