WWI Medical Officer's Group -Harvard Medical Unit!

A very rare medical group indeed, to a US Army doctor who served with the Harvard Medical Unit of volunteers (similar to the American Field Service). This group belonged to Capt. Dr. F.H. Cushman, who served with the Harvard Medical Unit in 1917 and then with the No. 7 Base Hospital in 1918. His British made field duffel bag (with original rope cord) has his all of this information (the Harvard Medical Unit is crossed out and No. 7 Base Hospital written above after his transfer). Also included is Dr. Cushman's British made leather field doctor's bag (has British Army-Navy Cooperative Society label inside. In good condition, but leather tab on top is coming loose), British made field medical tin and partial contents (2 forceps, thermometer case, 2 glass vials, surgical sponge compartment), a British Royal Army Medical Corps other ranks cap badge, a British officer's tunic button (I think its the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment), a US Army medical officers shirt/cap badge, a US Army medical bottle in its 1917 dated box, 1916 dated Belgian Croix Rouge (Red Cross) Stretcher-Bearers field manual, (named to Cushman), a pair of officer's leather gaiters, 7 photos (5 of medical wards and patients, 1 of an ambulanc, 1 of RAMC orderlies). Great ID'd group to a very rare medical unit! The Harvard Unit was based in England for a time before ... read more