WWI Original Photo A Living Flag US Naval Training Station Great Lakes, IL

This is an original photo from the "Living Photographs" series done by Thomas Mole & John D. Thomas shortly after the allied forces joined WWI in 1917. The image is of over 10,000 naval officers wearing their white summer and blue winter uniforms to form a giant "Living Flag" that took up over seven acres of land at the US Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, Illinois. The training facilities can be seen in the background as well as many people and a few cars. This image was taken from atop a tower which Mole & Thomas would stand and direct the officers of where to stand in order to create the image. These images took hours, and sometimes full days, to complete. In 2010, the US Naval Training Station recreated the historic image on Flag Day in the exact same location as the original photo. The recreation only took upwards of 7,500 officers, but was still as inspiring. Here is a timelapse video of the shoot: http://youtu.be/zbi-tfQS2Mo Here is more information about the operation: /itemdetails.php?CollectionItem_ID=1324 Here is a photo of the recreation from 2010: /blogs/scoopdeck/2010/06/15/that-flag-is-made-of-people/