WWI Photo Album Tyler Alabama King Family KIA Nurse 123RD Inf Wild Cat Division

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This is one of the best WWI photo albums I have owned from a genealogical standpoint. The album centers around the King family of Tyler Alabama, Florence King was in the Red Cross overseas, Craig King was in the Air Service it is he who poses in front of the flag. John King was in the Infantry, I am not sure of his unit but there is reference to the 123RD Infantry. John King for whom there are three pictures was killed at the battle at Argonne and it is his grave shown in the album There are also pictures of Hugh Hatcher another KIA and his eulogy is pasted in the album. Another soldier poses displaying the patch of the Wildcat Division, cannot make out his name, another photo is identified as Robert Worthington 17TH Engineers and there is also a newspaper clipping seaman William Waldo killed while at Camp Sheridan. There are over 24 Military related photos clippings and dozens more photos of base ball, football, the Detroit Ford auto factory, and a lot of family photos a great many are captioned. In addition there are numerous newspaper clippings such as obituaries etc. This is a standard paper album about 6 x 8 inches but packed with Alabama history from the WWI era