WWI Tunic

My wife and I found this tunic in the back of a closet in the house we have recently moved into. It was overlooked during the estate auction. It is in pretty good condition. The wool is a little thin across the top of the shoulders and at the bottom of the lower pockets. The liner has been repaired w the left arm connects. The label, if t was one, is missing. It is about a size 36. It does have a chevron on each forearm and the keystone patch signifying the 28 th division. The 28 th Infantry Division (Keystone) 10/19/18 to Present. Organized 3/1879 at Philadelphia , Pennsylvania as Division of National Guard. Called to active duty 8/1917. The keystone is from the state seal of Pennsylvania . Alternate nickname "Bucket of Blood". WWI campaigns: Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, Oise-Aisne and Meuse-Argonne. Happy Bidding!