This auction is for ONE U.S. NAVAL GUN FACTORY OPTICAL ANNEX SHOP LEATHER BINOCULAR CASE MADE IN ROCHESTER, N.Y. AND INCLUDES A FRENCH LA REINE PARIS BRASS SET OF FIELD GLASSES. This is one of my mistakes on Ebay, just recently purchased off ebay, the dealer only had a couple pictures, and I trusted their feedback and didn't bother to ask any questions. It seems that the story was this was a matching set of US Navy Glasses & Case, however, upon receipt of this item, it was readily apparant that this wasn' t the case. The glasses had a recent coat of black spray paint over them. The optics were very dirty and things didn't work so well. I normally do not return any items, accepting my own responsiblity and accountability for items I bid on. So I stripped the paint off, and left a good patinia to the glasses. I repainted the inside of the glasses and the inside of the sun shields. The case is pretty darn decent for it's age, all intact. The leather shoulder strap is very soft and shows a repair to the bottom as shown. Otherwise it's in very good condition. The glasses fit them pretty well, not perfect, but pretty well. It's the right height, but not quite thick enough. Fit okay, but would cause wear if removed and inserted frequently. I am placing this item back on ebay just to recoup my lost. Have fun with your bidding, these ... read more