WWI WWII Wicker Medical Supply Basket Pannier WW2 WW1 ?

This WWII Medical Supply Basket /or Hamper appears to have had an interesting life. First, there is the stenciling on the canvas top cover ( which has been whited over) and says:

PANIER (basket, hamper)

No 7 (No. 7)

TAMPONS (pad, swab)

ET PANSEMENTS ( bandage, dressing)

INDIVIDUALS ( individual)

There is a Red Cross and the French Flag ( not whited over)

The number 7 appears on the sides on the canvas as well.

Interestingly, there are also the remains of glued on papers (visible in photos) with German writing upon them as well as numbers.

I'm not sure if this is WWI or WWII ... /forum/north-africa-med/17881-parachute-supplies.html please have a look at this link . I anyone out there knows for sure , please write me.

Was this basket used by the French and then later the Germans? Or could this be a sign of the period of time when France was under German Occupation with the Vichy Government? See what i mean?

The basket , which has a functional hasp and leather belt / buckle type straps weighs 19 pounds. It measures 27 x 19 x 13 inches. There is only one small place on the one front corner where there is a little bit of missing wicker material. ( It took me a while to notice this as the eye spends most of the time looking at all the beautiful markings
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