WWII 1944 Life Preserver Floatation Belt US Army D-Day

WWII 1944 Life Preserver Floatation Belt US Army/Navy D-Day?. is a WWII 1944 US Navy life preserver floatation belt as issued during the D-Day invasion of Normandy Beach and is in excellent condition. These belts were issued or given to US Army GIs at embarkation from transport ships as they went over the sides on the early morning of June 6th, 1944 as they left to storm the beaches at Normandy. This rubberized canvas floatation device measures approximately 45 inches with an expansion fold to enlarge for equipment floatation. This belt is marked "Apr 10 1944II831/Cont. No. W33-092-tc-286/Durkee-Atwood Co. MPIS." and at the other end with "To Inflate-Squeeze Arrows/Together With A Hard Quick/Grip And Release" and "USN" at the nozzle end. This floatation device is in unissued condition and would make a great addition to any D-Day uniform display or for any military invasion battlefield reenactment. Most flotation devices were carried strapped to equipment or over the shoulder for quick discard once the beaches were met. is an excellent opportunity to bid on this for the low opening bid of $9.99. Please see photographs for more details and ask all questions prior to placing bids. Thanks! Auction Winners! We will notify you of the end of auction total including shipping and insurance options. If you have an active spam blocker you must ... read more