WWII 1/6 SOLDAT 004 Figure A - "Arnold Schone" Wehrmacht-Heer Panzergrenadier

Brand new -Super Rare- 1/6 SOLDAT 004 Figure A - "Arnold Schöne" Wehrmacht-Heer Panzergrenadier. An excellent addition to the popular "SOLDAT" series! The SOLDAT series version 004 has TWO FIGURES! Each figure is packaged separately and is loaded with weapons, equipment and much much more. This is figure A "Arnold Schone" Panzergrenadier-Regiment 7, Army Group South, Zhitomir 1943. He comes with all the equipment listed below. He is new in the original packaging. There are very, very few of these available. It's everything you've come to expect from this series. Don't miss out!

Uniform :

Heer M43 Field Cap.

Stahlhelm M42 Helmet (Metal).

Winterarnabzug Parka, Reversible Heer Splinter / White New Design. M43 Trousers, Keilhosen. Winterarnabzug Trouser, Reversible Heer Splinter / White. New Design Heer M43 Tunic. New Pattern 06 Toque/Beanie. Ankle Boots (Brown) w/ Gaiters. Equipment: Gew 43 / Kar 43 Ammunition Pouch. Kar98k Ammunition Pouch. M31 Breadbag. Wehrmacht Equipment Belt W/ Combat Suspender ("Y" Straps). Belt Loop (Black). Rucksack w/ Sling. New Design Service Glasses. M38 Gas Mask Container. P.08 Holster. S84/98 Bayonet. M31 Mess Kit w/weathering. Service Glasses Case. Fork Spoon Can Opener. Comb. New Color Shaving Brush. New Color Shaver. New Color Toothbrush. New Color Straight-handle Entrenching
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