WWII AAF Cloth Escape Map of Osaka & Tokyo (Rayon - not Silk) dated 1944

Dated 1943, this is a WWII government issued AAF Cloth Map NI 53 & NI 54 (Osaka, Japan and Tokyo, Japan), printed back to front. Thought to have been printed on silk, the maps were actually printed on rayon. According to the web site , t he map contains a scale of 1:1,000,000 and was drawn from Japanese Imperial Land Survey Maps dated 1933, with data revised based on intelligence reports. Chinese and Japanese place names were corrected to modified Hepburn (Romaji system). All of the maps included elevation tints. Because the war ended without an invasion of Japan, many of these maps were never issued to operational forces even though a large number of maps were printed.

Documentation provided by the manufacturer stated, “It has come to our attention that these maps were well received in the field – their permanency to light and salt water was excellent and they were able to withstand immersion in water for long periods of time without deteriorating. Also of course the fact that they could be put into a pocket or packet in a small area without wrinkling or creasing as a paper map would do, made them extremely valuable to the Air Force – also being mildew resistant for use in the Southwest Pacific.”

This map, measuring 25” X 26” is in like new condition – no soiling or fading, no holes, tears, water damage, etc.
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