WWII AAF Officer’s 'Crush' Visor-Hat - Clemons

WWII AAF Officer’s 'Crush' Visor-Hat - Clemons
This item was donated to the Oregon Air & Space Museum, Eugene, Oregon. Since it duplicates other similar hats already on display and/or in the museum’s collection, this one has been deemed surplus, and is therefore being offered for sale.
This hat was donated with the personal effects of Lt. Cecil. F. Clemons, which, I am told, comprised 3 foot-lockers filled brim-full. Some of this hoard has been sold already, but a considerable amount is still to come. Anyone also interested in one of his ID’d foot lockers, can purchase one for $25.00 , and then have his/her items shipped in it (but only domestically)... being too large and heavy for international shipment.
Getting back to the hat, I estimate its head-size to be about one full size larger, based upon the degree of looseness when I put it on my size 7 1/4 head. The maker’s label inside reads: “E.V. Price, Jr. Co. -- 327 W. Van Buren St. -- Chicago” (where the double dashes indicate that the printing jumps to a new line). No other marks or identification.
The condition is Good ++, used , with a bit of light soil and some mothing being the only faults. I have shown the major mothing, all but a single 1/8” hole on top being located underneath the outer seam, clustered around the rear vent hole on the left side,
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