WWII US Army Enlisted Mans SHAEF Uniform,Ike Jacket,Pants & Shirt,Ribbons Insig

Being offered is a beautiful WWII era US Army enlisted mans uniform which includes jacket,pants,shirt with all insignia's,ribbons and awards.This Ike jacket is a wool material,in OD shade of green,opened collar.Single row of 5 hidden button closure.Two upper patch pockets and intergrated belt at bottom with side buckle adjustments.The interior of jacket has a cotton lining in a tan like color.There is a spec label in left interior pocket which is faded and bearly readable.Size tag at neck 36R and a faded stamp of W-7247 at right lower bottom of jacket.I see no other labels,tags or ID in jacket.Jacket has a machine embroidered SHAEF patch on left sleeve shoulder,both sleeves have Techinical Sergeant chevrons and left sleeve end has two overseas bars and 1 service stripe.Above right pocket is a Ruptured Duck patch.Above left upper pocket there is a row of ribbons,pinback,consisting of WWII Victory,American Campagin,Eur-ME-Afr Campagin and one single at top center Good Conduct.On pocket flap there is a one pinback Sharpshooter marksman award with Carbine bar,both marked sterling.Lapels have enlisted mans clutchback (correct early flat face clutches-one missing) US and (crossed pistols) Military Police collar disc's with period lift top domed clutches.Jacket is in excellent condition,free from holes,mothing (one pencil tip nip on left ... read more