WWII US Army- Infantry Insignia Collar Brass- Rifle Pin SET- MINT- 1944

Up for auction is the pictured set of United States Army infantry collar brass, mint condition, circa 1944. These look slightly different than the other brass I have up for auction, a slightly duller finish and more of a curvature to the musket rifles.

I am liquidating the WWII memorabilia of a very lucky 2nd Lt. Keith Krier of the 13th Airborne, a division of the 82nd. Why was he lucky? Mr. Krier was sent to the front in 1945, spent some time in France waiting to be sent into battle....and then the war ended. He brought back with him all of his Army gear, most all of it unused. If you are a collector of mint shape WW 2 relics- stay tuned to my auctions, all sorts of cool stuff on the way, 100% authentic and MINTY.

Anyway, as you may be able to tell from the pics, this set is in great condition. As I said, Mr. Krier was in airborne, but he has plenty of pins like these. It's been kept safe in a trunk all these years. This set is 100% GUARANTEED authentic WW2 military, and SWEET.

You tell me what it's worth...the Beershopper ALWAYS offers a FAIR opening bid and as always- no reserves.

Any questions? Just ask!

Bulletproof First-Class Mail shipping in the continental USA is $2.25, and winner receives this WWII pin set lovingly packaged.

Beershopper Manifesto- I promise your satisfaction.
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