WWII Army Uniform, W.O. 9th Corps Jacket, Pants, Shirts

Up for auction is this U.S. Army Uniform from World War 2, Warrant Officer Type. It includes the jacket, pants, belt, hat (flat folding), khaki tie, and two long sleeve Gabardine dress shirts.

The jacket is a size 38 regular and includes numerous brass metal Army insignia and ribbons.... I do not know what the awards are for. The jacket has the "IX" patch, which is known as the "9 th Army Corps". The jacket has a belt with buckle and includes all golden buttons.

The pants are marked "32W-33L", but the inseam measured around 31 inches. T is a date on the inside of the pants pocket which states "1942". The pants have a web belt which is dated "1943".

The hat is a size 7 1/8 and still has the leather sweat band marked "Koblentz Chattanooga" as well as "KNOX" on the opposite side. The hat includes the rank insignia and is trimmed with gold-green "piping", typical of uniforms of that era. This Warrant Officer seemed to have served during WWII as well as the occupation of Japan after that country surrendered to the United States .

The khaki tie has the word "Barrow" stamped on numerous places on the reverse side. This was the last name of the Warrant Officer that owned this uniform.

The two long sleeve shirts are a dark green or an Army type of brown. Measured from the armpit to the end of the
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