WWII Bausch & Lomb 8x56 Military Binoculars, NO RESERVE

An interesting optical enigma. This is the enlarged 8x56 version of the standard American 7x50 that saw deployment in all theatres during WWII. Not many were made, and the paucity of markings on this one make it a mystery. Features include porro prism construction, individually focusing eyepieces, and the standard one-piece housing construction with pebbled finish. Markings include only the 8x56 designation on the left-hand prism cover, and the "Bausch & Lomb Opt. Co, Rochester, NY" imprint on the right. No mark, no mod, no logistical number, no nothing. Per Seeger (2nd ed., p. 64), an 8x56 evidently without markings was made for the US Marine Corps, and perhaps this is it. A US Army model made in 1940 carried the "M2" designation, and the Navy's version was known as the Mark 25. Conceivably, this could be even a post-war model made from wartime parts, but that seems unlikely. Whatever its pedigree, this one is in near-excellent condition both inside and out. The optics are clear, collimated, and show little more than the odd minor peripheral smudge. Cosmetically, the original paint is sound with only a light patina of wear. Best of all, it is offered WITHOUT RESERVE and is guaranteed to bring satisfaction to the highest bidder. Bid early and often, as these don't come around every day.