Up for auction are the following WWII items: a blood chit; a menu from Calcutta; a Red
Cross Information Book for the U.S. Naval Forces (with a 1945 calendar on the back); a
Red Cross Guide Book to Calcutta, Agra, Delhi, Karachi and Bombay; receipts: The New
Empire dated 12/16/44, American Merchant Seamen's Club dated 12/16/44, 2 other
receipts dated 12/16 and 12/17 (no year). These items were purchased from an estate and
were all together in a box. The dates on the book and receipts help establish a date for the
blood chit. Also in that box were AAF fabric maps and charts dated 1943 and 1944.

/histories/histchit.html :
To truly be a "blood chit" t must be a pledge of reward for the safe conduct and
return of the bearer of the chit. Generally these items were designed to provide rapid
identification to a downed pilot and facilitate assistance from local allies these pilots may
have encountered. This chit has this message in 17 languages: "Dear friend, I am an Allied
fighter. I did not come to do any harm to you who are my friends. I only want to do
harm to the Japanese and chase them away from this country as quickly as possible. If you
will assist me, my government will sufficiently reward you when the Japanese are driven

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