WWII Era Burroughs Wellcome Tabloid First Aid Kit.

WWII Era Burroughs Wellcome Tabloid First Aid Kit. This lot features a wonderful collectible. It is a Tabloid Brand first aid pocket kit manufactured by Borroughs Wellcome & Co. When Burroughs Wellcome & Co was formed in 1880, they mostly marketed other companies' pharmaceutical products. That they quickly became a manufacturing business in their own right owed a great to both technological developments and their canny marketing skills. By the 1880's, drug production had become mechanized: machines could now compress a set quantity of powder into tablet form, which resulted in a much more reliable product. To market Burroughs Wellcome & Co's compressed pills, Henry Wellcome invented the brand name 'Tabloid', registering it as a trademark term in 1884. The 'Tabloid' name was applied to the full range of the company's products, from the medicinal ('Tabloid' First Aid kits and medicine chests) to the chemical ('Tabloid' photographic developer) to the restorative ('Tabloid' Tea). By supplying their chests and first aid kits to the most famous explorations of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Burroughs Wellcome & Co were extremely successful in garnering publicity. Whether it was Bleriot flying the channel, Shackleton and Scott traversing the wastes of Antarctica, or Henry Stanley venturing across Africa, ... read more