This is a collection of the Foreign Policy Bulletin, from 1941 (pre-war) until 1944. T are 22 total issues. The FPB was published by the Foreign Policy Association, and they interpreted international events of the day. Fascinating and rarely seen independent political viewpoint, both before the US entered the war and one issue into 1944. Issues and main topics are (each is 4 pages long):February 21, 1941 . Germany Tightens Grips on Balkans; Trends in Latin American; Mr. Hoover's Food Plan (plan to feed Belgians...had you ever heard of that???); Episode in the War of Nerves (Japan landing troops in Saigon, Tokyo offering to mediate "all wars"; Japanese "coordinating" with German moves in Europe). Things I never heard of! March 14, 1941 . Will Democracy or Nazism Shape Post-War Order? Nazis press Drang Nach Osten; British watch Syria; Gen. McCoy Leaves for Latin America; Report on giving FDR free hand to aid Britain March 21, 1941 . Matsuoka Goes to Berlin (Japan sending Foreign Minister to Berlin..what could be going on???); The Indo-China Settlement (amazingly, comments on Saigon and Cam Ranh Bay...something that would come up again 20 years later!); US Mexico Collaborate; Panama Permits Bases; Mobilizing the resources of the USA. January 30, 1942 . Rio Conference Achieves Limited American Unity. Japan's two pronged drive threatens ... read more