WWII German Panzerknacker Manual, Tank Hunter

This is a top-notch reprint of an original manual on anti-tank tactics for the German soldier of WWII. The title of the manual roughly translates to "One Who Cracks Tanks", and features a pic of a German soldier operating a huge German nutcracker, which is cracking a Russian T-34 like a nut. The text below the title which reads "Anleitung for the Panzerkampfer" translates to "Instructions for the One Who Fights Against Tanks". The Germans introduced the Panzer Destruction strip in the hopes of encourage ordinary soldiers to take on tanks single-handedly, with any available methods. This was done in response to the initial superiority of the Russian tanks to the German tanks and anti-tank weapons. This was also due to the fact that the Russians began to churn out tanks in numbers that quickly outpaced German production. The introduction of the manual instructs the soldier that over 10,000 German soldiers have earned this award, by often using very primitive means, and their efforts have a great effect on the Russians. It states "You can also crack the Panzer!" The book has illustrations depicting kill zones of the tank, the weak zones to target on the tank, diagrams of all the common Allied tanks, different improvised and regular issue anti-tank weapons, and means of protecting yourself if the panzer gets too close. T is also list ... read more