WWII Japanese Marine Army War Souvenir Relics Medics Box Medical

Up for bids is an original group of souvenirs brought back by a US soldier in the pacific. This is a very interesting group of relics. I would guess a Japanese medics box. The box includes one toe tag for dead or wounded soldiers as well as a paper booklet showing different parts of the body. These pages are perforated at the top. The medic would described the wounds and tare off the page to put with the soldier. Also included is a small book showing how to take care of the wounded. There are several illustrations in the small booklet. There are two collar insignia and a pack of patriotic soldiers cigarettes. The cigarette pack is coming open as seen in the pictures. Also included are two other books. One of the books looks to be music for the bugler,some mice damage. The last piece is a small good luck doll more than likely given to the soldier by his daughter. There is a scene in the movie the Pacific showing a Marine taking one off a dead Japanese soldier. The box measures 4 1/2" High x 11" long and 10" wide. Overall a great real deal time capsule from the war! Please feel free to E-mail any questions. Please be sure to look at my other auctions for related items. Thanks and good luck bidding! High bidder please send payment within five days of the auction ending.