WWII Japanese sake cup DARK GREEN unusual edge hi glaze

The cups has the inscription "You have dedicated your life to the Emperor ( )
return now to view the wild cherry blossoms in the mountains of home". The backside
of the cup says "Off to war Russia Commemorative". This would be the year 1904 making
this cup 104 years old. W else but on ebay can you find a 100+ yr old authentic
handmade military antique for the price of nice lunch? God bless America!
The wavey edge is highly unique as is the deep green color and high gloss.
If you are in the SoCal area this month, stop by the OC Fair in Costa Mesa and (after you've eaten
your fill of turkey legs, giant corn dogs and other evil food) stop by the display building #14 and take
a look at my WWII Military Japanese sake cup dispay. For those of you who have my book you'll
notice it on display with the cups. Also, check out my website for more information on sake cups
and some of the WWII sites I've visited. This is not an offer to buy or sell outside of ebay.
Just type in historicalconsulting to any search engine and you'll find it.
Thank you sincerely for coming back week after week to buy my sake cups!
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